SLP Support Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Posted on: January 28, 2021

Stanley Learning Partnership unite all pupils as they celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week.

Children from all of our four primary schools will come together to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week next week.

We have planned a variety of activities that will run throughout the week for children both learning remotely at home, or within their school setting.  The aim is to help and encourage children (and their grown-ups) to explore the different ways they can express themselves, understanding and sharing their feelings and thoughts.

The week will begin with children being invited to ‘Dress to Express’.  As flamboyant or understated as they wish, children and staff will participate in learning dressed in a way that expresses how they are feeling.

Children will also join the official Children’s Mental Health Week virtual assembly on Monday morning, hosted by Place2Be, in partnership with BAFA Kids and Oak National Academy.

On Tuesday, a trust-wide virtual Relax Kids session will be hosted by Relax Kids Coach, Roger Banks.

Relax Kids is a programme which teaches children strategies for managing their emotional well-being.  Following a seven-step approach, children learn ways to identify and understand their emotions, helping their confidence and self-esteem to grow.

Mr Roger Banks, Relax Kids Coach said,

“I am thrilled to be involved in SLP’s Children’s Mental Health Week celebrations.  To bring all of the children and staff together at a time when some feel so distant and isolated is fantastic.

Children’s mental health is of the utmost importance, now more than ever.  It is, therefore, essential we give them the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions and thoughts.

Our coaching will empower them to develop their self-belief, understand their moods and feelings and confidently manage their stress and anxiety.

This is a really positive step forward for everyone involved and one which I’m very excited to be involved with.”

Throughout the week, children both at home and in school will be encouraged to write or draw a feeling or emotion they have experienced during lockdown.  Families are then being asked to ‘post their pics’ which will be shared on the trust and school social media.

Mark Stewart, Stanley Learning Partnership CEO said,

“Children’s Mental Health Week is always an annual event across our school calendars and this year is no exception.

Like everyone, our children’s lives and learning have been immensely disrupted, so it is no surprise they are experiencing many new emotions.  It is imperative we help them understand and accept them.

Even though we are not physically together, to unite everyone virtually with the various activities we have planned, is a way of letting children, their families and even our staff, know they are not alone.

This is the first time since March 2020 we will bring together four schools, over 750 children.  We are excited about the prospect of being together again, albeit virtually.  We are also immensely proud to be able to offer this level of support to everyone within the SLP community.”

Stanley Learning Partnership’s Children’s Mental Health Week celebrations will run from Monday 1st February – Friday 5th February.