At the heart of our community of schools, is the belief that every child can achieve. We create an environment that allows children to develop their talents, both as individuals and collectively, empowering them to succeed in and outside the classroom. 

At every opportunity, we will encourage our children to contribute to the life and work of school, giving them a greater sense of belonging so they are best equipped to share, respect and trust in the start in life we offer them. 

All schools within SLP share the desire to provide educational excellence where children excel and aspire without limit. Irrespective of their ability or background, we are committed to providing inclusive learning. Via our rich and engaging curriculum, we endeavour to meet the individual needs of all the children we serve to ensure they all reach their full potential. 

Our committed staff work together across all schools, valuing and supporting each other’s skills, knowledge and expertise to provide the highest possible quality of teaching. Such synergy and teamwork ensure we share best practice, enabling us to develop professional relationships built on loyalty, integrity and respect, qualities that are filtered into the classroom. 

We recognise that the children of SLP are all unique, encouraging them to respect and embrace one another’s individuality. Likewise, the local communities we serve are diverse but our knowledge and understanding of them empowers us to forge partnerships that ultimately, are to the benefit of our children. 

The values and ethos held by SLP create a sense of purpose instilling the belief that every school, and every child within it, will succeed. We are all proud of our partnership and our values; the linchpins to our success and our children’s.

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As a Multi-Academy Trust we are governed by our Members and Trustees.  For more information about this area please visit our Governance page:

Local Governing Bodies

Each school has their own Local Governing Body which includes representatives from our community, parents and staff.  For more information about a specific Local Governing Body please click on the relevant school below:

Statutory information

As a Multi-Academy Trust we have a statutory obligation to publish various documents including our Memorandum of Association and Audited Accounts.  Such information and more can be found by visiting our Important Documents page.

Contact Us

Any of our Members or Trustees can be contacted via our registered office on 01207 266700.

Registered office:

Unit G3
Tanfield Lea Business Centre
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Co. Durham

Company number: 10380011 (Registered England & Wales)