The Governance of a Multi-Academy Trust is slightly different to that of a maintained school.  The first layer of overarching governance is that of Members.  Members are responsible only for fundamental decisions such as changing the constitution of the academy trust as well as making fundamental decisions relating to our academy trust.

Our Members

Mr Stephen Gibson – Chair of Members
Mrs Rose Bainbridge
Mr Peter Tallentire

Trustees fulfil the roles traditionally done by governors. As with governors, our Trustees promote the vision, ethos and strategic direction of SLP and oversee the running of our Multi-Academy Trust as a whole.

Our Trustees

Mr Tom Harpe – Chair of Trustees

Mr Stephen Down
Mrs Heather Kemp
Mr Henry Broom
Mr Eric Dodd
Prof David Wooff
Mr Malcom Webb
Mrs Tracy Davinson

Mr Mark Stewart is our CEO.

Local Governing Bodies

At the heart of SLP we believe that every school within our partnership is unique.  We respect and celebrate our differences and endeavour to retain the individual ethos and vision of each school.  Unlike many other Multi-Academy Trusts, each school has their own Local Governing Body which includes representatives from our community, parents and staff.  For more information about a specific Local Governing Body please click on the relevant school below:


Statutory information

As a Multi-Academy Trust we have a statutory obligation to publish various documents including our Memorandum of Association and Audited Accounts.  Such information and more can be found by visiting our Important Documents page.