ELP Consultation

Significant change to terms of use for Greenland Community Primary School, part of SLP

Between July and October 2019, public consultation on the High Needs Block (HNB) Funding for SEND and Inclusion Support took place.  As a result, Durham County Council Cabinet approved the initiation of the HNB Sustainability Programme.  This began in January 2020 and is a 5-year financial plan that aims to ensure better use of funding so that services that support children and young people with SEND needs and children that are at risk of exclusion, by committing:

  • To collectively support an education system within County Durham where inclusion of children and young people in their local schools is the norm, giving parents and carers confidence that their children’s needs will be understood and met.
  • To offer a range of specialist learning provisions for some young people who have a high level of needs.
  • To make every effort to use all of the resources available to young people effectively and efficiently and to maintain spending within funding limits wherever possible.

Subsequent projects and reviews have been designed to reflect the key messages conveyed by stakeholders through the above consultation, which emphasise the importance of the need to develop additional provision to meet the needs of some of the more complex child/young persons with SEND.

There remains a high demand for specialist places, local special schools are regularly oversubscribed, and we do not currently have all of the right range of provision to meet the range of identified needs. Developing Enhanced Learning Provisions across County Durham will enable children and young people to have their needs met locally, to be part of their local community and to reduce pressures on LA Special schools

Our vision

Having thoroughly considered all of the above findings, the Members and Trustees of SLP, supported by the Governors and staff of Greenland Community Primary School are interested in looking into the possibility of opening our very own Enhanced Learning Provision on the Greenland Community Primary School site.  Our vision is to create a dedicated classroom base for children who require enhanced learning and support whose needs can continue to be met in their local school environment.

Over recent months, we have carried out extensive research into creating our own provision, the benefits and opportunities this will offer our children and how it will further improve the standard of education we can offer them.


A Stakeholder Consultation Evening was held on Tuesday 21st September to assess views and thoughts on us creating an ELP. A formal period of consultation ran from Monday 6th September until 12 noon on Monday 11th October 2021.

All comments and feedback from the event can be found here: ELP Stakeholder Consultation Evening feedback

Next steps

The initiative will now move into the next phase of application.

Should this proposal go ahead, it is extremely important to reiterate that our school will remain as Greenland Community Primary School and Miss Lewis will continue as Headteacher.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Click here for more information about the proposed ELP at Greenland Community Primary School