SLP Star Awards

Posted on: June 22, 2018

Finally, the winners and runners up of the first ever SLP Star Awards have been revealed…

Rising Star 

(Exclusive to our Nursery or Reception children) 

SSIN: Winner; Mikel Ward.  Runners up; Arabella Spark & Tyler Robinson. 

GCPS: Winner; Joe Dawson.  Runners up; Junior Todd & Amelia Paley. 

Above & Beyond 

SSIN: Winner; Isabella Collier.  Runners up: Faith Elliott & Amber Mallett. 

SSJ: Winner; Phillip Conroy.  Runners up: Alfie Fryer & Sofie Robinson. 

GCPS: Winner; Neve Hardman. Runners up; Rachel Smith & Christopher Howard. 

Brilliant Behaviour 

SSIN: Winner; Ella-Mae Wilson.  Runners up; Chantelle Bell & Joe Gradon. 

SSJ: Winner; Megan Telfer.  Runners up: Marcel Szeliga & Skye Young. 

GCPS: Winner; Charlotte Smith.  Runners up; Curtis Watson & Kie Wardle. 

Homework Hero 

SSIN: Winner; Lillie Pinkerton.  Runners up; Joseph Williamson & Samuel Ramage. 

SSJ: Winner; Maddison Pinkerton.  Runners up; Bailey Fraser & Lewis Finley. 

GCPS: Winner; Riley Furlong.  Runners up; Kelsey Kerr & Alicia Brown. 

Maths Master 

SSIN: Winner; Millie Morris.  Runners up; Ryan Anderson & Jake Platten. 

SSJ: Winner; Taylor Richardson.  Runners up; Kyle Swinbank & Tia Rogers. 

GCPS: Winner; Michael Mills.  Runners up; Eva Sayers & Alfie Taylor. 

Literacy Legend 

SSIN: Winner; David Middleton.  Runners up; Joel White & Cameron Meaghan. 

SSJ: Winner; Alisha Heaton.  Runners up; Alecia Readman & Luka King. 

GCPS: Winner; Daniel Thompson.  Runners up; Ben Young & Emmie Burnett. 

Writing Wizard 

SSIN: Winner; Amber Million.  Runners up; Leah-Paige White & Freddie Baker. 

SSJ: Winner; Molly Duffy.  Runners up; Gracey Tailford & Katie Hodson. 

GCPS: Winner; Maddison McMahon.  Runners up; Bradley Gray & Amy Armstrong. 

Superb Speller 

SSIN: Winner; Alan Pinkerton.  Runners up; James Fulton& Ollie Lowdon. 

SSJ: Winner; Lacie Langford.  Runners up; Joey Adams & Dylan Brooks. 

GCPS: Winner; Evie Foreman.  Runners up; Ashton Orr & Luca Quinn. 

Aspiring Artist 

SSIN:  Winner; Zane King.  Runners up; Alexis Bowden & Matthew Strong-McCauley. 

SSJ: Winner; Mason Dodds.  Runners up; Summer McCamley & Charlotte Maddison. 

GCPS: Winner; Jorja Nicholson.  Runners up; Aalyayah Smith-Henderson & Amelia Turner. 

Sport Supremo 

SSIN: Winner; Eryk Salomon.  Runners up; Hollie Garbutt & Leon Colledge. 

SSJ: Winner; Adam Turnbull.  Runner up; Joshua Barker. 

GCPS: Winner; Shay Jackson.  Runners up; Cole Wright & Imogen Atkinson. 

Musical Maestro 

SSIN:  Winner; Emily Simpson.  Runners up; Lucy Davies & Kasey Noble. 

SSJ: Winner; Chantelle Williamson.  Runners up; Eryn Rowe & Millie Storey. 

GCPS: Winner; Kaci-Louise Glendinning.  Runners up; Emily Chapman & Ella Carter. 

Amazing Attendance 

SSIN: Winner; Daniel Storey.  Runners up; Megan Hammond & Amelia Brandling. 

SSJ: Winner; Katie Wastell.  Runners up; Any Bowers & Ben Littlejohns. 

GCPS: Winner; Billy Shotton.  Runners up; Nicole Wilkinson & Elliemay Bell. 

Fabulous Friend 

SSIN: Winner; Harley Gill.  Runners up; Tasmin Meaghan & Ethan Priestley. 

SSJ: Winner; Leighton Wright.  Runners up: Lillie Baker & Nataniel Salomon. 

GCPS: Winner; Reeve Jackson.  Runners up; Harrison Taylor & Evie Jennings. 

The overall winner of each category will now attend a red carpet Grand Finale where they will be presented with their awards by SLP Members and Trustees as well as special guests from Stanley Town Council and South Causey Inn.  The SLP Superstars of the Year will also be crowned. 

The number of nominations received for the various categories was overwhelming.  We are proud of all of the children across our Partnership, they are all superstars in their own right.