SLP Star Awards 2022

Posted on: July 22, 2022

SLP schools gathered at Beamish Hall for the SLP Star Awards.

Last week we celebrated the SLP Star Awards at the beautiful venue of Beamish Hall. It was certainly a memorable evening which saw eight of our schools come together to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our SLP children.

After receiving so many nominations from teachers, it was very hard to choose a winner for each award. After a lot of deliberation, our winners and nominees were announced in school assemblies last month. On the evening we saw the winners formally receive their awards and the SLP Stars of the Year being crowned.

This year’s Star Awards had a bit of a different theme to it; we welcomed Superheroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and even Optimus Prime as they greeted the children throughout the night.

Lacey, East Stanley’s Enthusiastic Learner winner said,

“I was so excited when I heard about the SLP Star Awards. Tonight was so fun and it was an amazing feeling to win the award. The Superheroes w ere brilliant too – I couldn’t believe it when I saw Spider-Man arrive!”

Congratulations to our winners:

Maths Master

Amelia Thomason (GCPS), Isacc McCann (LP), Jayden Moore (SSIN), Josh Jordan (SSJ) Noah Newstead (API), Josh Moor (APJ), Oliver Rickell (ES), Ricky Kileen (BPS)

Fabulous Friend

Aidan Dodds (GCPS), Arjan Singh (LP), Hope Baker (SSIN), Ehvie Johnston (SSJ) Scarlett Byers (API), Lola Greener (APJ), Lucy Ingram (ES) Richard Wardle (BPS)

Rising Star

Reggie Bennett (GCPS), Libby Winn (LP), Deanna Anderson (SSIN), Sophia Ward (API), Thomas Layton (ES), Caleb Straughan (BPS)

Stars of the Year

Reggie Bennett (GCPS), Isacc McCann (LP), Kyran Mullen (SSIN), Imogen Lonsdale (SSJ), Ruby Brunton (API), Ruby-Leigh Appleby (APJ), Lacey Emmerson (ES), Yasmine Keene (BPS)

Whilst the grand finale celebrates our first-place winners, it is only fitting that we congratulate all SLP children. Well done for a fantastic year and we look forward to celebrating next year at the 2023 SLP Star Awards!

Above & Beyond

Grace Coulson (GCPS), Thomas Jackson (LP), Amira Elkazaz (SSIN), Isabella Collier (SSJ), Jamie Greasley (API), Maddyson Lee (APJ), Lacey Emmerson (ES), Archie Johnson (BPS)

Enthusiastic Learner

Leon Pinder (GCPS), Arijka Ganeswaren (LP) Chanel McCamley (SSIN), Imogen Lonsdale (SSJ), Tali Glover (API), Flynn Perryman (APJ), Lacey Netherton (ES), Grace Maughan (BPS)

Literacy Legend

Amira Hassan (GCPS), Alice Shotton (LP), Layla Shields (SSIN), Tyler Robinson (SSJ), Ella Hardy (API), Gianni Alegeh (APJ), Noah Askew (ES), Maggie Haggan (BPS)

Resilience Warrior

Alicia Brown (GCPS), Luca Dunbar (LP), Imogen Rhodes (SSIN), Kaiden Foster (SSJ), Ruby Brunton (API), Ruby-Leigh Appleby (APJ), Charlie Newton (ES), Emilia-Rose Allen (BPS)

Brilliant Behaviour

Louis Leo (GCPS), Ronnie Hayday (LP), Kyran Mullen (SSIN),Kay- lem Parnell (SSJ), Riley Hassin (API), Lilly Wilson (APJ), Lucie Donkin (ES), Yasmine Keene (BPS)

We already excited for next year and can’t wait to celebrate all of our Stars next year.

To view photos from the event click here.