Thank you for visiting the SLP PE Passport resources page.

Everything you need to participate in the initiative will be shared here.  We are currently in the process of finalising all of the information you will need and will contact participants during the summer 2021 term in readiness for September 2021.

Download your PE Passport calendar of events here

Photographic & Video consent

SLP recognises our responsibility to ensure the welfare and safety of children and young people and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

We use photographs and videos for several reasons including celebrating and recording children’s successes.  These images or videos may be used on our website, our social media sites and within our newsletters. The identity of participating children will not be disclosed without parent / carer consent.

Prior to attending any SLP event we would ask that you download our consent form and share this with their families.

Photographic & video consent form (SLP)

Ahead of our busy summer schedule in the SLP PE Passport calendar, below you can find upcoming events and what arrangements are in place for each event.


KS2 Events

Y3/4 Tag Rugby (26th April)

Tag Rugby – event arrangements

Y3/4 OAA (4th May)

Y3/4 OAA – event arrangements

Y5/6 Multi Skills Festival (17th May)

Y5/6 Multi skills festival – event arrangements

Y5/6 Outdoor Athletics (19th May)

Y5/6 Outdoor Athletics – event arrangements

Girls Cricket (24th May)

Y5/6 Girls cricket – event arrangements

Mixed Cricket (25th May)

Y5/6 Mixed cricket – event arrangements

Y3/4 Tennis (25th May)

Y3/4 Tennis – event arrangements

Y5/6 Mixed Cricket (26th May)

Y5/6 Mixed cricket – event arrangements

Y5/6 Tennis (27th May)

Y5/6 Tennis – event arrangements

KS1 Events


OAA – event arrangements

KS1 Multi Skills Festivals (16th, 17th & 18th May)

KS1 Multi Skills – event arrangements


The SLP PE passport events for June-July will be added closer to the time.


Previous events

Basketball Festival (Y5/6: 8th March & Y3/4: 9th March)

Basketball Festival – rules

Swimming Gala (7th February)

Swimming Gala – event arrangements

Swimming Gala – parent / carer letter

Dodgeball Festivals (KS1: 26th January & KS2: 27th January)

Dodgeball Festival – event arrangements

Dodgeball Festival KS1 – parent / carer letter

Dodgeball Festival KS2 – parent / carer letter

Dance Festival (2nd December)

Dance Festival – event arrangements

Dance Festival – parent / carer letter

Handball (1st December)

Handball – event rules

Handball – event arrangements MORNING session

Handball – event arrangements – AFTERNOON session

Handball – parent / carer letter

Indoor Athletics (18th – 26th November)

Indoor Athletics – event arrangements

Indoor Athletics – event rules

Tag Rugby (Wednesday 3rd November)

Tag Rugby – event arrangements

Tag Rugby – parent / carer letter

Tag Rugby – event rules

Cross County (KS2 Sept – Oct)

KS2 Cross Country – parent / carer letter


How To Gain Extra Miles

Click here to see how you can gain extra miles for your PE Passport

Personal Best Challenges

Personal Best Autumn half-term (1)

Personal Best Autumn half-term (2)

Personal Best Spring half-term (1)

Personal Best Spring half-term (2)

Personal Best Summer half-term (1)

Personal Best Summer half-term (2)