SLP Community Trust

The aim of our community trust is to support SLP families as all monies raised will stay within our community of schools.  Funding will be allocated for school items such as shoes including PE shoes and wellington boots, uniform including PE kit for those schools that do not provide it, outdoor clothing such as coats, hats and gloves and school bags. We hope that as the fund grows, so too will this list.

Who is eligible for funding?

If you genuinely need our help and your child attends an SLP school, you are eligible to apply.   

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding available will vary in each round. This will depend upon how much has been raised in our various fundraising activities.

The collective amount will be shared fairly amongst our four schools. 

When can I apply for funding?

Applications for funding are now closed and will resume in September 2020.

Applications made towards the end of any academic year can be for items for the 20/21 academic year provided the child(ren) still attend an SLP school as of September 2020. 

How do I apply for funding?

Families, friends of our families, professionals supporting families such as Health or Social Workers or teaching staff are invited to submit applications.   

Please do not be put off by the prospect of a lengthy, complicated application form.  We have specifically designed it so it is easy to understand and complete.  Anyone experiencing difficulties with this should contact their child’s school where a member of staff will be more than happy to assist and support. 

Once you have completed your application form please return it to either your school’s Headteacher or Louise Milbourne at Stanley Learning Partnership.  Please be assured that all applications and grants will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.   

To download an application form and our guidance notes please click on the link below:

Grant Application Form & Eligibility Criteria (Jan 2020)

How do I know if my application was successful?

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive formal notification of the final decision following the relevant funding panel meeting.

Got a question?

If you have any questions regarding our charity please contact Louise Milbourne on (01207) 266700. Alternatively you may want to speak to your child’s class teacher or school’s Headteacher.