Relax Kids

Children’s wellbeing and mental health is of the utmost importance to SLP.  Our wellbeing programme, ran in partnership with Relax Kids Low Fell, enables many children to participate in a weekly Relax Kids session.

Relax Kids is a programme which teaches children strategies for managing their emotional well-being.  Following a seven-step approach, children learn ways to identify and understand their emotions, helping their confidence and self-esteem to grow.

Movement – Warming the body up and waking the senses

Play – Simple games and engaging activities

Stretch – Basic yoga poses helping the children focus and become aware of their bodies

Feel – Massage, either on themselves or in pairs to establish a connection

Breathe – Easy breathing activities to improve self-regulation

Believe – Affirmations where the children talk about themselves in a positive light

Relax – The children listen to three short stories which help them become still and calm

Typically, a session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and studies have found them to be beneficial in areas such as concentration, self-esteem, confidence and self-regulation. The sessions will also be very accessible for children of all ages as well as adults.

For more information on Relax Kids visit or contact our Relax Kids coach, Roger Banks, on